About Eddie

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  • Typically three types of dogs are used as full-service police dogs. The police dogs are usually as follows: the traditional German Shepard, the popular Belgium Malinois. Occasionally police agencies may use a Labrador/Receiver for narcotics/explosive detection and bloodhounds for tracking. Even then there is always an exception to the rule and the police agency may have a dog not mentioned.

    A full-service police dog is trained to do many important police functions. Of course most important, all training begins with obedience. Training is also a continuous part of the handler's responsibilities.

    The Alsip Police dog, K-9 Eddie, was trained at the Cook County Sheriff's Police Canine Academy in Orland Park, Illinois. Eddie has been trained in the following fields:

    • Narcotics Detection
    • Article Searches
    • Tracking
    • Building/Area Searches
    • Suspect Apprehension

    K-9 Eddie has already proven to be an asset to the department. If you see our K-9 handler, Officer Rezny on duty, feel free to ask him questions. If a K-9 handler currently has his dog outside the vehicle, please keep your distance from the K-9 unit and DO NOT PET the dog without the handlers consent.

K-9 Program


  • In March of 2008, the Alsip Police Department instituted its first ever Canine Program. That is when the police department became the owners of a one year old Belgium Malinois named Eddie.

    The Canine Team:

    The Alsip Police Department currently has one canine team or K-9 Unit. The K-9 Unit consists of one trained canine handler and one trained full-service police dog. The current team, designated K1, consists of Officer Chad Rezny and his Canine partner Eddie.

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